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Double-sail anchor drilling rig drill hole drilling speed high drilling efficiency
May 03, 2018

Double-sail anchor drilling rig anchor drill rig has strong capability, wide application range, fast drilling speed, easy handling accident, high drilling efficiency, serialized products have different models, different capabilities, and diverse choices to meet the needs of different customers; Easy to disassemble body structure, relocation and quick manipulation of long-distance. The porous construction can be completed at one time and the operating environment is good and the labor intensity is low.

The Shuangfan YG-series anchorage engineering drilling rig is a fully hydraulically driven power driller. It is suitable for anchoring of deep foundation pits in high-rise buildings, prestressed anchoring holes for large-tonnage hydropower stations, railways, highway slopes, drainage holes, and tunnel openings in tunnel openings. , As well as the prevention of landslides, rock collapse and other geological disasters, the project can also be used for blasting holes in opencast quarrying, high-pressure selection of Owen holes, and small-diameter wells.