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Analysis of 9 common faults of screw air compressor
Aug 07, 2018

The screw air compressor has a long service life, and more or less faults occur. Some faults can be easily solved by the user mechanics, and some faults need professional after-sales service engineers to judge and eliminate. The following nine types of screw air compressors are often characterized by faults.

1. The air compressor is not loaded (a, the pressure on the gas line exceeds the rated load pressure, the pressure regulator is disconnected. b, the solenoid valve is malfunctioning. c, there is a leak in the control line between the oil separator and the unloading valve)

2, air compressor machine over temperature (a, no oil or oil level is too low. b, oil filter blocked. c, fuel cut valve failure, valve plug stuck. d, oil and gas separator filter blockage or resistance is too large. That is, the surface of the oil cooler is blocked)

3, excessive fuel consumption (a, oil level is too high. b, oil and gas separator filter failure. c, excessive foam. d, oil and gas separator filter return pipe joints at the restriction hole blockage.)

4, the noise is increased (a, the intake end bearing is damaged. b, the exhaust end bearing is damaged. c, the motor bearing is damaged. d, the pipeline gas is loose or not.)

5, the amount of exhaust, the pressure is lower than the specified value (a, gas consumption exceeds the exhaust volume. b, air filter filter blockage. c, safety valve leakage. d, belt slack, main engine speed drop. e, oil separator There is a leak in the control line between the unloading valve)

6. After the parking, the air oil mist is sprayed from the air filter (the check valve is leaked or damaged)

7, after the parking air filter in the fuel injection (broken valve blocked)

8. The safety valve is released immediately after loading (safety valve is damaged)

9, the air compressor is running normally, it is difficult to start after shutdown (a, use the oil number is wrong or use mixed oil. b, oily viscosity, coking. c, shaft seal serious air leak. d, unloading valve flap original position change)