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Anchor drilling rig operation failure and solution
Jan 11, 2019

1. The anchor rig is excessively rocking when drilling:

Cause: The drill pipe is not deformed straight; the bushing is worn; the air leg is worn.

Solution: Use a qualified drill pipe; check the wearer for wear and replace the worn spindle.

2. The anchor cannot be pushed and installed in place:

Cause: The artificial thrust is not enough; the rig is off the anchor hole; an unreasonable resin roll or a non-straight anchor is used.

Solution: Increase the artificial thrust; align the anchor rig with the bolt hole; check whether the medicine roll meets the requirements, and use a qualified anchor.

3. The air leg thrust is small or cannot be stabilized at the set point:

Cause: The air path is not smooth; the vent valve leaks; the air leg seal is damaged.

Solution: Check the air intake of the air leg, anchor the drill to ensure smooth air flow; check the seal of the air release valve for damage, replace it if it is damaged; check the seal of the air leg for wear and replace the wear parts.

4. When drilling, the handlebar feels a large counter torque:

Cause: The air pressure is high, the water pressure is low; the drill bit is damaged; the thrust is suddenly increased during operation.

Solution: Check whether the air pressure and water pressure value are normal; anchor the drill to check and replace the damaged drill bit; improve the operation method and work smoothly.

5. Motor speed is too slow:

Cause: The air pressure is low; the air intake pipe is blocked by foreign matter or the air leak is serious;

Solution: Check the air pressure, the value is 0.4~0.63Mpa; if there is foreign matter blockage, the air intake pipe should be blown cleaned, the filter and filter screen should be cleaned or the air intake pipe should be replaced.

6. Anchor drilling rig drilling speed is reduced:

Reason: low air pressure; improper use of drill bit; excessive bit wear; hard rock; low water pressure; bearing and gear wear.

Solution: Check the air pressure, should reach a reasonable value; the anchor drilling rig uses the appropriate drill bit; reduce the speed, add atmospheric leg thrust; check the water pressure, the pressure value should be 0.6~1.2Mpa;

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