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Anchor rig safety operations
Jun 07, 2018

First, the security check before drilling the anchor rig:

1. Check that the operating switches of the main unit are in the middle position.

2. Check that the hydraulic hose and the water hose are connected correctly.

3. Check the position of the designated drilling hole to ensure the stability of the coal gang and the top plate. If it is unstable and unsafe, in order to prevent the roof from leaking or the lining, temporary support is required for the coal gang and the top plate.

4. Check the floor on the designated drilling location for any obstructions.

Second, the safety measures for anchor drilling rig drilling:

1. When drilling the rig, do not touch the rotating drill pipe with your hands or gloves, and do not operate with one hand.

2. When the hole is opened, the legs cannot be extended too fast, otherwise the drill pipe will be deformed and broken or the drill bit will be damaged.

3. When the rig is suddenly loaded, the control arm must swing in a certain direction. The operator should maintain the correct position to prevent sprains.

4. When the top plate is used for ultra high utility rigs, special safety measures should be formulated by the user.