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Gain insight into the DTH Drilling Rig to make the rig last longer
Jul 24, 2018

According to the hole, the pillars are sturdy. The upper and lower ends of the DTH Drilling Rig are to be covered with wooden boards. The horizontal axis and the snap ring are mounted on the pillars according to a certain height and direction. The hand winch is used to lift the machine, and the fixed point is fixed on the pillars, and then adjusted. The hole of the rig. When the DTH Drilling Rig is up to the hole, it is used in parallel with the two horizontal axes. When drilling the horizontal and the hole, usually only one horizontal axis is used. When drilling other holes, the best use of three horizontal axes will help the two horizontal axes. The shafts are connected, one end is fixed on the carriage, and the other end is attached to the pillar, and the carriage is sturdy together with the main transverse axis. Tighten the horizontal shaft and the snap ring bolts after the machine orientation is fixed.

When starting the operation, you should carefully check whether the gas-water pipeline is firmly connected and there is no appearance of air leakage and leakage. Check whether the oil filler is filled with oil. Check that the screws, nuts, and joint numbers of each part are now tightened, and the column is indeed very strong.

In the operation, we must know all kinds of detailed operation methods and procedures, pay attention to check the gas waterway, the joints of various parts of the screws and joints, and the solid state of the column and the horizontal axis. When drilling, give more water to reduce dust and drill. Do not allow the rotation when drilling, to avoid the tripping of the drill pipe. During the construction operation of the down-the-hole drilling rig, it is normal to pay attention to the magma discharge. When the hole is drilled into the hole, the magma is not easy to be discharged. It is necessary to spray the gas-water mixture frequently to blow out the magma accumulated in the bottom of the hole. Holes should be noted in the sound of the impactor and the rig operating conditions are not normal.

Find an abnormal appearance and stop parking immediately. When drilling the hole, the hole should be drilled into the drill pipe with a large diameter drill head, and the drill pipe should be exposed to the ground 100-200 mm long to prevent the rock mud from falling into the hole. When the drill stops in a short time, A small amount of air pressure should be given to prevent the sand from invading the inside of the impactor. If the operation is stopped in a long time, the impactor should be said to be fixed 1-2 meters away from the bottom of the hole.

When the drilling operation program and the mast are opened, the motor is first started, and the handle of the manipulator is pulled after the normal transfer is performed. Make it the right driving force, and then pull the handle of the impactor to the working position. In the future, the rock drilling operation can open the water valve so that the gas-water mixture adheres to the proper share. DTH drilling rigs perform normal rock drilling operations. A drill pipe is drilled when the pusher moves the mast to the collet. To stop the motor operation and stop the air supply to the impactor, send water, insert the fork into the drill rod groove of the holder, retract the motor rotary slide, disengage the joint from the drill rod, and then connect the second drill rod, press this Next you loop through the work.