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Overview of water well drilling rig
Jul 10, 2018

Water well drilling rig overview

The well construction team is definitely not only a water well, but also oil and gas wells, coalbed methane wells, geothermal wells, coal mine gas drainage wells, ventilation discharge holes, and foundation engineering holes. So the focus of our discussion is the water well rig, and it is important to understand the entire industry in which the drilling is located.


Water well drilling rig features

According to the requirements of the drilling process and the particularity of the drilling site, the drilling rig exhibits different characteristics from the general general machinery, which are summarized as follows:


Generally very bulky and heavy

The rig must have a high-powered heavy-duty combined work unit. Since the engine is a single feature, and the working machine and the bottom hole are required to have different characteristics, there are different energy conversions, movement changes and long energy transfer from the engine to the working machine and the bottom hole. The route, this will inevitably lead to a huge transmission mechanism of the drilling rig, the overall efficiency is not high, the control mechanism is complex, and the degree of automation is low.

Large energy consumption

The drilling operation is discontinuous. During the drilling process, the drilling is an indispensable part. Especially in deep well drilling, it is especially important to carry out the non-production auxiliary operation, and the hoisting unit becomes The main working unit must pay a lot of energy when lifting the drill, and the energy generated when drilling down can not be recovered, resulting in a large energy loss.

Complex working conditions

The working area of the rig is different from that of the general machine. The rig is used for working in mines, mountains, deserts, swamps, Gobi, farmland, residential areas, etc. This requires the rig to have better relocation and transportation performance, which means that the rig is more detachable, and the size and quality are suitable for bulk shipment and overall consignment.