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What are the hazards of inferior air filter on screw air compressor?
Aug 21, 2018

Inferior air compressor air filter is an air filter that is rough in workmanship and has a filtering effect. It should be known that the air filter is the umbrella of the screw air compressor heart (screw main engine). If you are cheap, use inferior air pressure. Air filter, then the consequences are not worth the candle.


Inferior air compressor air filter will shorten the life of compressor oil

The poor quality air compressor air filter, the same as the filter paper is rough, can not effectively block the dust in the air, so that the larger particles of dust can easily pass through the filter paper, enter the air compressor, then it will be with the compressor blood (compressor The special oil is mixed, so that the air compressor oil becomes very dirty very quickly, and the direct shortening of the compressor oil shortens the service life, which indirectly causes some of the following problems.


Inferior air compressor air filter will damage the screw rotor

As mentioned above, the air filter of inferior air compressor makes the compressor oil easy to become dirty. If the air compressor oil containing large particle dust circulates inside the machine, it will directly cause scratches on the surface of the screw rotor, and the screw will be light. The inter-distortion of the rotor increases, and the noise of the air compressor main engine changes, which seriously causes the screw main unit to directly bite the scrap.


Inferior air compressor air filter will accelerate bearing wear

The bearings at both ends of the screw main engine are also lubricated by air compressor oil. The air compressor oil mixed with large particles of dust will also accelerate the wear of heavy-duty bearings. It can be used for 8 to 100,000 hours, maybe not two or three. Ten thousand hours, the host must be dismantled and disassembled for overhaul.


Inferior air compressor air filter will cause high temperature failure of the compressor

The compressor oil containing a lot of dust is recycled in the internal pipeline of the air compressor every day, which will pollute every component of the air compressor. For example, the air pressure oil filter is easily blocked, and the inside of the radiator is easy to deposit carbon. , the temperature control valve spool does not work. In the event of failure in these places, the direct performance is the high temperature of the air compressor.