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What are the safety guarantee work of DTH drilling rig?
Oct 17, 2017

In order to improve work efficiency and work safety, we should do these work before using DTH Drill

Before entering the drilling rig, the ground must be leveled and the pads, tools and so on must be prepared. The rig after entering, must use wood pad will drill pad, so that the tire from the ground, and adjust the frame into horizontal position: after the power is switched on, start the motor, lifting mast, mast lifting, the screw at the bottom of the mast, and support to the support; the rod, legs, GUYLINE installed, and screw rod, regulator to adjust the tension degree of guyline. The wire rope of the drill string of the down hole drill machine is drawn out from the guide drum and the tension pulley of the impact beam and then goes into the drill string at the top of the mast and falls down, and the end is connected with the drilling tool by the steel rope joint. The steel rope of the mud drum hangs down through the mud rope wheel at the top of the mast, so that the end is connected with the slurry shaft cylinder. The auxiliary drum of the DTH Drill is matched with three fixed pulleys at the bottom of the mast.

The drilling site of DTH Drill should be kept clean. The installation and disassembly of down hole drill must be correct and complete. When the mast of the drilling rig rises and falls, the operator should stand in a safe position. When driving the motor, all the friction clutches of the rig should be opened. When the drilling rig is working, it is forbidden to remove the shield. Before starting the work, check the reliability of the brake and the performance of the friction clutch and the starting device.

Because the block and hole are likely to cause sticking in the drilling rig, it is necessary to use the hammer to blow the hole regularly and regularly clean the bottom of the hole. In the process of connecting rod, the ballast and various impurities will fall into the impactor, so the thread end of the loosened drill pipe must be covered to ensure the non stick rock and dust of the drill pipe. The reasonable lubrication of the impactor can not be ignored, otherwise it will accelerate the abrasion of the impactor and even cause damage