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What is the difference between an anchor drill and an impact drill?
Feb 11, 2019

Anchor drilling rig is a new type of high-efficiency rock drilling equipment designed for water conservancy, traffic engineering and building materials. It is widely used in various rock formations such as slope treatment, water conservancy, road construction, open pit mine, geophysical exploration, etc. Rod hole or blast hole. The anchor rig is used for foundation engineering construction, which can complete bolt construction, dry powder, mortar construction and various engineering survey holes, drilling of micro-pile holes, and can realize screw diving and scraper drilling. The full hydraulic rotary jet drilling machine is a fully hydraulic drive and power head drilling machine. It is suitable for vertical or inclined drilling and equipment for fixed spray, pendulum spray and rotary jet pile construction. It is suitable for high-spray grouting operations of Quaternary coverings such as soil, sand and sand pebble. According to the special requirements of users, we can research, design and produce special equipment and equipment for special purposes and requirements. It has unique advantages in the research and development of offshore engineering geological survey drilling equipment, geotechnical anchor support equipment, crushing complex formation drilling technology and machinery. It is widely used in related special fields.

   The impact drilling rig can adapt to various geological conditions. The impact drilling rig is an important drilling machine for the foundation construction of the pouring pile. Especially for drilling holes in the pebble layer, the impact drill is more adaptable than other types of drills. At the same time, the impact drilling rig is used to make the hole. After the hole is formed, a dense layer of soil is formed around the hole wall. The anchor hole rig has a certain effect on stabilizing the hole wall and improving the bearing capacity of the pile foundation.

   The currently used impact drills have all the components of the CZ series mounted on the trailer. Overall traction. The drilling of the punching machine utilizes the crank-link mechanism of the drilling machine to change the rotary motion of the power into a reciprocating motion, and the hammer moves the hammer up and down. The pebbles or rocks are broken by the impact of the free fall of the ram, and the slag is discharged with the mud (or with the slag cartridge).

   However, it is mostly a cross-shaped hammer with various shapes. The power consumption is very large, because the drilling of the impact drill is to break the rock into powdery slag. Drilling efficiency is very low. Therefore, in addition to the use of drilling in the pebble layer, other formations have been replaced by other types of drilling rigs.