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What must be done in daily maintenance of Crawler Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig
Nov 09, 2017

Structure performance characteristics of Crawler Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig chassis

1, support the weight of the main engine, with advance, retreat, turn walking function.

2. Rubber track has strong bearing capacity, high traction and low noise.

3, matching agricultural gearbox, with high pass performance.

4, walking frame, using seamless square tube, high strength, good rigidity.

5. The deep groove ball bearings used by the heavy wheel and the guide wheel are easy to use and maintain.

6, double sealing structure at the end of the shaft, to ensure that the oil seal is no leakage, and can prevent muddy water into the wheel cavity.

Points for attention of Crawler Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

1, at any time to pay attention to check the water vapor pipeline, the bolts and nuts are not firm;

2. Pay attention to check the lubricating oil status of the wind motor at any time;

3, when the working face in the water, the hole with large diameter drill bit, drill pipe insert drill pipe, let out of the water 1-2 meters, prevent mud and rock slag falling into the hole,

4, in drilling operation, do not allow afternoon reversal, so as not to drill pipe fall into the hole;

5, in a short period of time to stop work, to be given a small amount of compressed air, so as to avoid sediment intrusion into the internal impact of drilling machine, if long time to stop drilling operations, the impactor should be lifted from the bottom of the hole 1-2 meters fixed