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Rotary Drilling Rig Common Fault Phenomenon And Analysis
May 15, 2018

1. Rotary drilling rig power head torque is insufficient, low speed

The phenomenon of failure is mainly manifested as: when the rotary drilling rig is working, the torque of the power head is insufficient, the rotation speed is low, and the rotation head is normal. The engine is working properly.

This phenomenon occurs when the hydraulic oil pressure is insufficient, the flow of hydraulic oil is reduced, or the mechanical transmission is damaged, resulting in reduced torque and low rotational speed.

2. Electrical system failure

The most frequent occurrence of electrical failure in rotary drilling rigs is the absence of indications for rotary drilling rigs. The main components used in the sounding system of rotary drilling rigs are encoders, which are powered by the P24V encoder. When the encoder has a pulse signal, the signal is fed back to the controller via the pulse signal A phase and the pulse signal B phase. The signal passes through the controller. Handle and send a signal to the display to show the depth reading. Disconnection of the sounding encoder's power line or signal line, encoder damage or controller sounding signal is not normal can cause the sounding no reading display.

3. Card failure

Rotary drilling rigs in the drilling process, it is inevitable that there will be boring, stuck pipe, falling objects and other faults.

The card tube is the most common phenomenon. The reasons are nothing but the poor fluidity caused by segregation, or a variety of mechanical failure caused by the concrete pouring is not continuous, the tube stays in the tube for a long time, or the pipe inlet water causes concrete segregation and so on. Cause card tube. When the card failure occurs, the following three methods can be used to eliminate the failure.