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Anchoring Drilling Rig
Jan 10, 2018

What are the factors that affect the application of anchoring fighters, the classification of Anchoring Drilling Rig  and the service life of anchor rigs? We can increase your knowledge in this area by understanding the Anchoring Drilling Rig.


1.Application of Anchoring Drilling Rig

Anchoring Drilling Rig are sometimes referred to as anchor rigs. Their main advantages are wide application and mobility. Therefore, this kind of drilling machine can be used to carry out drilling operations, such as road construction, and some reinforcement and support projects.

2.Common classification of Anchoring Drilling Rig

The Anchoring Drilling Rig  is more common in classification, specifically speaking, there are two main points, one is the weight, and the other is light and heavy two. The other one is divided according to the driving mode, then it can be divided into two parts: pneumatic and hydraulic.

3.What are the factors related to the length of service life of the Anchoring Drilling Rig?

The main factors related to the service life of Anchoring Drilling Rig are drilling motors, drilling motors and motors, which are related to their performance and service life. Therefore, for these large parts, we should do their maintenance work so that the life of the Anchoring Drilling Rig can be guaranteed.