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Anchoring Drilling Rig And Diesel Generators Have Been Delivered To Russian Customers
Sep 12, 2017

Date:24th, August,2017

One set SKMG40 anchoring drilling rig and one 22KW diesel generator set delivery to Russia client for drill hole for anchor bolt. 

Product Details

Electric portable anchoring drilling rig for anchoring hole jet grouting hole tunnel pipe supporting hole

Product Introduction

SKMG40 electric portable anchoring drilling rig is mainly used for railways, highways, landslide control endangering of hydropower and anchor hole, drainage hole, grouting hole construction for dangerous rock anchoring reinforce projects, as well as the blasting hole and tunnel pipe shed shoring hole construction .

Product information

Type: portable anchoring drilling rig

Power type: electric engine and  air compressor

Brand name: Shoukai

Model :SKMG40

Feature : hydraulic system control compact, lightweight, good disassembling, and easy to relocate and positioning; wide drilling angle range, power head can move forward and backward along the mast, drilling and positioning is convenient and reliable.,

Warranty: 6months

Certification: ISO9001:2008

diesel generator feature

1.Generator can be used as Main Land generator

2.Cooled by through fan

3.With efficiency anti-vibration devices

4.Cold rolled steel one time molded base

5.High reliability , low use and maintenance cost




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