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Core Drilling Rig Performance Characteristics And Characteristics
Mar 07, 2018

Core drilling rig is a kind of drilling rig suitable for cutting big environment in mountainous terrain or constructing in forest area. It has the characteristics of modular design, easy assembly and disassembly, high drilling efficiency, easy transportation, low cost and environmental protection. Under most conditions, it is possible to drill into HQ beyond 350 meters and NQ formation over 500 meters.

Constructed: bulky, sensitive, safe and secure, with novel construction safety.

Advantages: Particularly suitable for cutting large terrain in mountainous areas or construction in forest areas, drilling rigs only need to work on a flat field of 4 × 4 m or smaller. It does not require the construction of temporary transport roads. Large amounts of earth and stone are excavated or felled when flattening the workbench to reduce the damage to vegetation and the environment and reduce the compensation for temporarily renting land for drilling to maximize the maintenance of the construction site. Surroundings. The drill allows diamond drill bit higher speed and drill more stable to cut rock, greatly reducing the exploration period, reducing costs. The rig is not only fast, but also uniform fuel consumption of 400 liters per 100 meters, the core rate of up to 95% or more.