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Do You Know The Portable DTH Drilling Rig For DTH Drilling Rig ?
Nov 09, 2017


DTH Drilling Rig is a new type of high efficiency drilling equipment designed for water conservancy projects and building materials sites. It is widely adapted to various types of rock drilling in open-pit mine, water conservancy, building slope treatment and other engineering

The Use object of DTH drilling machine

For medium rock (10-20) hard rock (25) tunnel and underground use is high width of not less than 3m culvert can play

main features

High efficiency and energy saving

With hydraulic technology, the configuration is reasonable, the price of the whole machine is low, the fuel consumption is saved. The bracket adopts the gear disc, and the structure is novel.

Flexible and easy to operate

The whole machine is removable and suitable for original landform operation.

Patent technology

Split type hydraulic pumping station is obtained national patent products, the power part and the control part of phase separation, work only with separate mobile rig console can realize multi point operation, low labor intensity, long service life.


The design of DTH Drilling Rig is novel and the structure is reasonable. Hydraulic drive mechanism is used in drilling rig, drilling tool rotation and axial propulsion. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain, low energy consumption and high efficiency. It is the newest high performance economical DTH Drilling Rig in our country.