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Drilling Method For Crawler Mounted Drilling Rig In Different Rock Strata
Nov 28, 2017

We know that the underground rock is not the same. Some are soft and a little hard. In this case, we have to choose a Crawler Mounted Drilling Rig and use a drilling method to change it in a timely manner. Here we are going to make a detailed division of the underground strata and the corresponding drilling methods. The salt formation is a water soluble stratum, which is comparatively soft. But the drilling machine is easy to stick the mud out of the hole, drilling mud is also easy to fall, or even collapse. Clay layer and shale are water sensitive strata, the drill bits are easy to form mud bags, and the holes that are drilled are usually super diameter. Sand, gravel and loose fractured strata are loose and porous strata, which are easy to leak and leak. High pressure oil and gas well formation, underground storage of oil, natural gas and so on, easy blowout, causing serious consequences. The formation of high temperature, geothermal and ultra deep wells is ineffective and the formation is unstable. Because of the complex formation of the formation, we must explore it well during the drilling. The above is only a number of single strata, some are complex, in a formation, may encounter several of the above conditions.

The Crawler Mounted Drilling Rig should pay strict attention to the work in low temperature and do well in advance.

1.the support of the crawler type well drilling rig should ensure that the support is strong and reliable. The constructors regularly inspect the supporting part of the Crawler Mounted Drilling Rig, and should deal with it in time when finding hidden danger. In the case of low temperature, it is necessary to carefully monitor its reliability.

2.for the site, the site needs to be smooth and the road is unimpeded; because the land will become hard in a low temperature environment, so ensure it.

3.should pay attention to fire prevention, fire equipment ready to be fully appropriate, in line with the fire requirements. The problem of fire prevention can not be ignored in low temperature environment.

4.because of the low temperature in the construction, the staff's heating measures should be done in order to ensure that the drilling workers can maintain a good working condition.