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Maintenance Of The Stem Of DTH Drilling Rig
Dec 12, 2017

1. The upper and lower arm of the dive DTH Drilling Rig must keep the structure concentric and operate synchronously. It is found that the deformation should be handled in time.

2. check the meshing state of the gear and rack of the supporting rod regularly, clean up dirt and dust in time. When installing the supporting rod, the axle center of the supporting wheel can be adjusted by the anchor screw, so as to ensure the correct contact between the supporting wheel and the auxiliary drill pipe.

3. when the DTH Drilling Rig is stuck, the clamping plate of the card holder must be clamped with the drill pipe's plate orifice. It should be dealt with promptly when the card plate or drill pipe is blunt, so as to prevent the drilling tool from falling into the hole.

4. The ball or roller of the centering ring bearing of the DTH drilling rig should be flexible. It is found that the roller should be treated in time when the drill rod is damaged.

5. check the DTH Drilling Rig links screws, bolts, make them tight.

6. the reducer is lubricated by dilute oil. It should be paid attention to whether the oil quality of the DTH Drilling Rig can meet the requirements, and should be replaced regularly.

7. point control, drill rod fixture into and out of operation, should pay attention to observe, to prevent the transfer.

8. When the DTH Drilling Rig is unloaded, the claw of the gas joint must be tightly stuck to the auxiliary drill rod, so the air supply can not be stopped when the DTH Drilling Rig is unloaded.

9. can not use a file, inserting plate instead of crowbar DTH Drilling Rig.

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