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Safety Precautions Of Water Well Drilling Rig In Transportation And Maintenance
Dec 12, 2017

Water Well Drilling Rig have strict regulations in the field of transfer, transportation, assembly and maintenance of the machine. These safety procedures should be strictly observed. The failure of the drilling rig is prevented.

A well drilling rig operation will keep balance based on the site, the construction site prohibited free drilling, backfill pit to mark, narrow or dangerous sections must be Zhi contraction crawler, inclined sections need to adjust the drill rod Zhi tilt, landing point, turn on the train back to adjust drilling center, when the sidewalk or water facilities when the drill pipe can be used for guiding head.

Water Well Drilling Rig repair after cooling to begin, to avoid the scald caused by high temperature, pressure relief after the maintenance needs of the hydraulic system of drilling rig, avoid storage in high-pressure dangerous, when removing drill master volume brake system, non master volume load maintenance, remove the right twist rotation resistant ropes and elevator connection, should pay attention to the rotating machinery damage, when drilling the elevator rotation is not flexible in live rope rope twisting force, to avoid the staff were hurt.