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SKQ100 Portable DTH Drilling Rig With Drilling Accessories Delivery To Kenya By Air
Sep 11, 2017

Date: 12th, June,2017 

SKQ100 portable DTH drilling rig with drilling accessories delivery to Kenya by air.

Product Introduction

As one of key and basic components for DTH and Water Well Drilling Rig, the DTH hammer can convert the air pressure to the impact energy and simultaneously transfer impact energy and rotation force to DTH bits. This DTH hammer can effctively crush rocks into powder. It is widely used for blast hole drilling and water well drilling project.

Type: DTH hammer

Brand name: Shoukai

Role:Basic equipment needed for drilling works.

Model :KQ50, 60, 65, 70, 90,110,130,150,170, 200,KQ-M3", M4", KD35A, 45A, KQL40, KHP40N, KD55A, KQL50, KHP50N, KD65A, KQL60, KD85A, KQL80

Match : DTH rod and bit

Certification: ISO9001:2008



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