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What Are The Matters Needing Attention Before The Operation Of DTH Drill?
Oct 17, 2017

Always pay attention to check the gas and water pipeline, the connection of each part bolt, nut joint is firm and reliable. Always check the lubrication of the wind motor. The work area when the water hole with large diameter drill bit, and then insert the drill pipe, drill pipe and 100-200mm above the ground, to prevent slag mud into the hole in the rock. Drilling is not allowed to reverse so as to avoid the drill pipe falling into the hole. The machine stops working in a short period of time, to give a small amount of air, to avoid internal sediment intrusion of the impactor, stopped working for a long time, the impactor mentioned from 1 to 2 meters at the bottom of the hole to be fixed. Work should pay attention to the sound of the impactor and gear box operation is normal, found abnormal phenomenon should immediately stop inspection. In addition to the new drill pipe, special attention should be paid to the cleaning in the hole, in order to avoid the sand mixed into the impactor, damage parts or stop drilling accident

Points for attention of wind motor:

1. Lubrication must be guaranteed before operation;

2, the wind motor and hose connection must be firm;

3, before the wind motor and hose connection, should carefully clean the hose, you can open the pipeline gas cut a few seconds, with compressed air blowing hose, and then connect;

4, when the wind motor running abnormal, it should stop work, overhaul, and strictly prohibited in the working face of large demolition

Maintenance and lubrication of the machine

At the end of each working class, the dirt on the surface of the machine must be removed. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle large parts on the working surface (except for the parts that are easy to carry), so as to avoid losing parts and the key parts of the damaged parts. Grease lubrication of drill pipe joint. The reducer is lubricated with butter.

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